Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt
Make It Work
China Memories
Cutting Trees

an alle: schattenspender, citybuilder, betongiesser, shadowprovider, daystones, stadtbauer, seadriller, tagesteine, concretepourer, meerbohrer

large such as skyscrapers interelate as such intergate tender arrising already construct flow dictate references sources bridges explosions structure likely same in practise action action action it tends to be with others playing the fire cook becasue they matter technically damage humus poss poss possible FIRE sub systems highway life cycle new challenge produce followong followong following in numbers is new challenge reliable consequences cut cut cut
ich geb dir wasser, du gibts mir sand, i give you sand, you giver me water, we built a new town "Drilling an ocean" (killing emotions for you)

betongiessen, ein mann wie ein stein, ein baustein /
built it up, make it work, break it down /
wir bauen eine neue stadt

a new take on grossgrundbesitzer
alte warme eiche, schattenspender
china memories /
cutting tress /